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About VRSexKit
High-fidelity virtual reality experiences have been difficult to achieve and produce until NOW!

Gone are the days of expensive and bulky specialty motion capture suits and data gloves, replaced by inexpensive markerless tracking systems like Kinect. With the increase in PC desktop processing power, inexpensive and comfortable HMD's (head mounted displays), high resolution quality image viewing, along with easy to install USB webcams, and a plethora wirelessly connected peripherals and haptic devices, the ability to create affordable fully immersive VR experiences has never been better and more compelling than at this point in history.

Due largely to the elimination technical limitations over the last 5 years 'Virtual Reality' has left the hard to access private world of 'research laboratories' and left the 'arcade' far behind to the point where one can now experience VR at home or in the average office! The seven different concepts of virtual reality: simulation, interaction, artificiality, immersion, telepresence, full-body immersion, and network communication have all merged and can finally live up to the hype and expectations of average users who imagine "The Matrix" and "Avatar" movie type experiences and adventures. is a site about helping unleash current state of the art VR expereinces, using off the shelf technologies from household names like Microsoft, Apple, nVidia, Zeiss, and allowing users to jack into their own carnal fantasies. Bucking mainstream trends, where violence in videogames is 'OK' and marketed by major software developers worldwide, mission is to help the digital world 'Make 3D Love, Not War!'
As we spend more and more time in virtual space, via Skype video conferencing, avatar based chat rooms, Facebook, and tethered to the world in public places while on smartphones, there is a gradual and rapidly increasing "migration to virtual space" taking place throughout the world, that is resulting in important changes in worldviews, and culture.

Virtual reality is being integrated into daily life and activities occurring in our living rooms for entertainment, adding another way to reach the ultimate state of happiness. The possibility now exists to easily be inside a videogame scene with the action going all round in high quality computer-generated environments that can simulate physical presence in places that are compelling 360-degree imaginary worlds. Techniques are being developed while we play that influence human behavior, interpersonal communication, and cognition.

Sex-sim VR technology used in unique new ways can do so much more than traditional approaches to sex education. For instance in the context of educating young adults about safe sex practices, learning and experiencing can be much more accurate, informative, and compelling if affordable, and using technology they already poses like PC's, webcams, gaming peripherals, and smartphones. Most importantly sex-ed content presented in game-like formats that they are attracted to and play regularly, and consume in large amounts on their own or in groups, can make safe sex education much more effective.

As thriXXX's way to give back we are endeavoring to promote concepts that can utilize new technology to communicate safe sex practices to the next generation of young adults!